Accessories for Valentines

There are many accessories that claim to be perfect for Valentine's Day. At this time the market is full of bags, wallets, watches, earrings and necklaces. I think before buying everything advertised, it would be good to look at the cabinet, to use what you have and look beautiful then.

Think about what kind of appointment you have. Is this a dinner? A meal? Will they pass the day together outdoors? Those who follow the blog know that I love to go with the trends and they prefer supplements in combination with classic garments a little risky.

If they're going to dinner, decorate your neck with a necklace of pearls. That and matching earrings give you an infallible image. For a daytime event, discrete gold accessories are the best option.

As for the bags and heart-shaped ornaments, I find wonderful things on the market. However I have my reservations with them. My advice is that if you decide to use these supplements, limit yourself to only carry one so that your look is not bordering on kitsch.

My advice, take that best fits your needs: it is to maintain your style at all times.