Vintage aprons for the kitchen

Fashion dress means cover every aspect of life, from the shoes we wear to go to the office every day until we put the slippers on his feet after work.

However, for some it is much more than that, making even the simplest aspects of life is achieved by placing the stamp of fashion as bearer, an example of this is the vintage aprons, which become fashionable thanks the trend retro for some years has returned to the catwalk.

Although this type of model would not have anything new because of the styles that have been in use, distinguished by their shapes and cuts that resemble baby bibs and old pretty dresses that are located at the time of the 50's s and 70's.

A sample of these designs we have with this model type and dress bib aprons is the signature wine for use at home. The detail of the print, the type of fabric used and the quality of the finish make this piece an important accessory to carry in our gala dinner.

With a classic dress style design, this model of apron meets the quality and elegance of the print with flowers, pink striped cloth covering from the waist to the calves, thanks to the fools who help cover our full costume.

Something more delicate and child is this model in pink stripes, which covers the entire chest and legs of the suit, leaving the arms free for chores. This type of design is ideal for young women just starting out in the world of cooking and looks perfect to accompany a luxury taken for your anniversary dinner.

Those who like more sober designs, they can take this model to wear with a tailor in blacks and browns. While these models have been designed with the girls, the latter apron can be worn by gentlemen at helping his wife to serve special dinner guests or in the privacy of the home.