Retro-futuristic designs

Have you seen the movie "Resident Evil"? This can be a good source of inspiration for designs of this trend. The star Milla did not hesitate to Jojovich a session for the magazine Harper's Bazaar where you look in clothes like this. They do not need to draw attention then, above all metallic, sequins and not to forget the retro vibe.

I also love that in this case, the colors are pastels to make it much more feminine and remove any hint of aggression to the look.
He thinks that even a basic garment as a trench, can be retro-futuristic fabric and the right combination, as in this case. The metallic theme is present and the necklace is everything.
Thinking about how you could bring this fashion event tonight? The black is a color that is perfectly suited and found geometric felt appliques that make us feel advanced in time. The detail on the arms and ankles is what we needed to do.

Here is the ideal example if you have not quite clear where they design. What geometric, color mixing very contrasting (orange and blue in this case), and the model very short skirt that reminds us of retro dresses come together to give us a strong and modern woman, but do not forget your femininity.

If you ever wondered about the colors that prevail in this line is definitely the black is the one that comes first, followed closely by the deep blue. This is followed by ocher, red or burgundy and of course, the metallic.