Cupcake Fashion, the sweet side of fashion

Get ready for a note on an industrial sweet We are currently in a trend that is making the most of the candy so that the hand of style and fashion, are manufactured with products bearing the image of candies, chocolates, ice cream and the beloved cupcakes, among others.

It's a really interesting proposal, as it is considering a playful and fun style that could only have seen in girls clothes or in a candy store. And, who does not like cupcakes? I think very few, so let's see various proposals to adapt in our outfits.

Some cupcake fashion garments

  • Cupcakes and tops
One of the first proposals to be able to find are the basic tops with drawings of different types of cupcakes. Here you can choose between a basic white or decide for textures that give more life to the outfit. Perfect to combine with shorts or jeans and leave for study or to the movies.
There is also a different approach, such as pin-up corsets that can exploit the theme of cupcakes. It would be great to design their own clothing fabrics getting this occasion and use at a party if you add glam detail. Recall that every tendency and are not for nothing have been part of the proposals we have seen in ELLE Magazine.
  • Dresses with prints of cupcakes
And as you can imagine, would be inevitable in dresses. As a token that represents the feminine, will be complemented seamlessly with the cupcake print to add a bit different and funky color all over the lead. A recommendation to wear these dresses is that they try to add a ribbon or belt around the waist so that our figure is not lost among the drawings.
It is best that we can find these items in shops known as Asos, which brings us a cute peplum dress in pastel colors and motifs of the rich cupcakes, is not it cute?
  • Cupcakes in pants and skirts
In addition, we consider the cupcake print garment with a much more relaxed, like pants and skirts that are complemented by a single basic color for the top and go. For example, recently gave me a nice pajamas and I love this style, and I would encourage for daily use.
  • Accessories much like cupcake
Finally, accessories complement this style so sweet and funny. They are very delicate and beautiful, and are perfect if you do not even dare to take the cupcake fashion in their outfits. So, you will find bracelets, rings, brooches, clasps, pendants and more. I want one!

Katy Perry, representative of the cupcake fashion!

We have seen this style in one of the most famous singers and recognized worldwide for its ability to create themes and scenarios that are all a show to public view: Katy Perry. Look how it has adapted to simple designs cupcake fashion, as the purple dress or clothing over to show, as the brassiere spectacular.
How come, fashion reinvents itself and seeks the sweetest detail of life. Thus, this proposal brings fun and delicious. It seemed to me a chocolate cupcakes!