H & M By Night bet your pink dress collection

Even H & M has realized that the pink color is among the trendy colors this season, especially in the field of dresses and mini-dresses, the fashion brand has incorporated into its line of H & M in the night a fabulous set of colorful models of course, talking about clothes made ​​for the chances of a certain type, those who will not go unnoticed, and of course the clothing of this type will be almost impossible.
H & M is also a fashion brand, low cost, but has always managed to adapt their clothing lines to allow current trends in fashion clothing without spending large sums of money.
H & M is always willing to dare, but sometimes it means going against the tide, as the last line of Cognizant inspired by a vintage mood from love to hate at first sight.
Line for H & M night dedicated to the autumn / winter 2011-2012, the brand offers different models and variants, including the pink mini dress black color combined with pink accessories, quite eccentric. There are even mini-dresses with printed animalier, the great fashion print it should be this winter, it is impossible not to appear on a garment, shoe, of a collection.